Spa Massage Services

Ember Signature Massage   50/80 min.
This aromatherapy massage incorporates warmed organic signature oils, restoring
skin’s softness and leaving you with an increased sense of well-being...$70/$110

Warm River Stone Massage   50/80 min.
During this treatment, heated polished stones work with Swedish massage technique to relax and soothe tired muscles, as you escape to pure bliss...$85/$125

Firm Pressure Massage   50/80 min.
Choose this deep tissue massage for benefits such as increased circulation, along with enhanced muscle function, repair and elasticity. The treatment combines medium and deep pressure, breaking up muscular knots and aiding in tissue recovery...$85/$125

Swedish Massage   50/80 min.
Our classic full-body Swedish massage incorporates light to medium pressure for relaxation, enhanced circulation and muscular tension relief, flushing out toxins and encouraging lymphatic flow...$70/$110

Sole Soothing Reflexology Massage   25 min.
Ancient Chinese reflexology is based on the notion that each organ in the body is connected to pressure points on the foot. This reflexology foot massage not only relieves stress, but also restores energy flow to the entire body—perfect after a long day of walking, intense exercise or just being on your feet...$40

Massage Break   25 min.
Crunched for time? Treat a tense neck and back to this focused, efficient massage, sure to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever’s next...$40

Mother-To-Be Massage   50 min.
Take a moment to relax and pamper your ever-changing body. Our massage therapist will use safe, prenatal massage techniques, as cushions cradle you and baby. Only available during second and third trimesters...$80

Ember Couples Massage   50/80 min.
For the ultimate romantic occasion, enjoy any of our spa massages as a duo in our beautiful couple’s suite...Starting at $170/$250

*Prices based on Signature Massage. Please indicate massage type when booking to receive appropriate cost.